Endless Aisles - How Dropshipping Can Boost Customer Recommendations By 50%

We know that retail has changed since ecommerce burst onto the scene, and Amazon began to deliver on its name flooding the market with an endless deluge of products and digital retail innovations. While things have looked grim for traditional bricks and mortar shops, there have been a string of forward thinking retailers that have undergone the digital transformation necessary to keep pace with the changes. Dropshipping has been a major component for most retailers looking to expand their ecommerce offering and give customers a richer, more consistent experience.


Image from iOS (1)We were delighted to participate in a fireside chat at the recent Retail Week Customer Experience Masterclass. Our co-founder Ed Bradley and Lisa Elliott of Sainsbury’s Argos. spoke about the challenges facing retail, how dropshipping has helped Argos establish itself as one of the premier ‘clicks and mortar’ stores in the UK, and what the future may hold for the high street.  Some of the highlights of their conversation included:


  • How dropshipping can make supply chain simpler and more effective
  • Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • The need to have technology that is flexible and agile
  • Making physical stores about experience and not just functionality


For all the insights from the event and to learn how Sainsbury’s Argos improved their customer recommendations by 50% please fill out the form below to get free access to the conversation.


For all the insights from the event please fill out the form below to get free access to the conversation.