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Data Breakthrough: Virtualstock Announces Exclusive GTIN Validation Now Available in The Edge4Health

Posted by Ashley Davies on Aug 14, 2018 3:05:28 PM

Virtualstock, a leading provider of digital supply chain solutions, announces today that it has now established world-class GTIN validation capabilities within its healthcare product, The Edge4Health, in partnership with GS1 UK.

A GTIN (global trade item number) represents a unique barcode for each individual product. The Edge4Health’s GTIN validation capabilities act as a ‘checker’, which works to test the integrity of each product.

A valid GTIN, correctly assigned to GS1 standards, ensures the accuracy, authenticity and quality of a Supplier’s product and data, often resulting in an increase in sales, as accurate identifiers make it easier for Providers to discover their products.

The Edge4Health’s automated GTIN validation feature will also significantly reduce the margin for Supplier error, facilitating easy transactions and fast payments, with an efficient, streamlined process.

More widely across the NHS, the GTIN validation will also greatly contribute to patient safety in the case of product recall, or damaged products, where individual items will be more easily traced. Historically, a lack of data accuracy across the product lifecycle has engendered a dangerous lack of visibility and control.

The incorporation of the GTIN checker is fully in tune with Virtualstock’s overarching objective to place data quality at the heart of all supply chain processes; only through perfect data can the perfect order be achieved, with a frictionless and automated end-to-end experience.

Virtualstock is also pleased to announce that it will enjoy 6-month exclusivity of the GTIN validation check amongst Commercial Catalogue providers to the NHS, thanks to an ongoing relationship with GS1 UK and their confidence in The Edge4Health.

GTIN validation will be a free feature for all Suppliers at any subscription level.

Virtualstock’s Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare and Public sector, James Thirkill, said of the GTIN validation: “We are thrilled to introduce the incorporation of a GTIN validation feature as we continue to deliver The Edge4Health for Trusts and Suppliers, with the continued support from GS1 UK. This great step in our technology again demonstrates our progress and commitment to innovation, the NHS and the wider public sector.”

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK, said: “We look forward to developing our relationship with Virtualstock to continue improving standards across the healthcare sector, and support those working in Procurement. We recognise the value of The Edge4Health’s offering to the NHS and its Suppliers and we are fully aligned with Virualstock in our mutual objective of supporting healthcare supply chains with accurate, authentic data.”


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